Sunday, January 26, 2014

Trash Talking

No, I mean trash, real trash, garbage.

I took a trip to the dump today. I guess they aren't called dumps any more, but that doesn't change what it is.

By taking my own trash to the dump, I saved about $50. With my new resolve to compost, recycle, and reduce what I bring in to begin with, I hope to not need to go back to the dump.

By buying a whole chicken and cutting it up myself, I have just the bag to discard. No more plastic tray.
Taking my own bags to the grocery to put produce in. Shopping the perimeter saves money and resources again.
Being aware of take out places that have compostable containers is worth the effort.

I am really encouraged by the resourceful uses of common items I'm seeing again. Pinterest has glorified imagination so it's trendy again. That's wonderful.

I am collecting tin cans to make lanterns. Pounding holes in the cans for the light and using old, wire coat hangers for handles. Pictures to come.

Tiny pallets, they're about 1/4 of a regular pallet, are becoming table tops. Or, perhaps, a plant stand. Imagination isn't a skill that has been exercised in a while, it's coming back to me fairly quickly.

And I finished a cowl to post for sale with a pair of fingerless gloves. Crochet really is something to fall back on.

The most important resource, people. By spending time with friends my needs are met. 

Vivid imagination and active reduction all lead to better uses of all my resources.

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