Saturday, January 18, 2014

Cheap food day

Today was about long term planning for frugal living. The short term goal is to pay off the debt, but now I'm starting to think about the bigger picture. There are so many places I want to see; travel takes money.

So, when I saw that a local nursery had plant pots for free, I went and got some. They aren't pretty, they're functional. They will be good for starts and container gardening. Growing my own produce will save me quite a bit of money. I compost and I have been offered manure, so I don't have to buy potting soil. And I glean seeds from produce, so no seeds to buy. I'm also going to try to barter for some plant starts in the spring. Making this venture free.

I did have a down moment this evening. As I got settled in, began to wonder the Internet and write tonight's blog, I felt a wave of doubt and feeling of being over whelmed by life. I can't explain where it came from, but it was a very discouraging feeling. Most of the time social media and this blog fixes it, but not tonight. Just as I was struggling to write, my phone rang.

My daughter was feeling overwhelmed by all the things she has to do to be ready for college in the fall and the idea of going to college. My first thought was, "I don't want to be a parent right now."  I really didn't have words to comfort her, so I made her laugh. And I laughed.

We both felt better.

In giving her advise, I realized I need to do the thing I've been procrastinating about doing. I need a list.

I know, I'm not a list person either. But I must admit they are a very useful tool. So I am making a to do list and an I want to do list.

Organization pushes productivity leading to successful completion.

As I am putting things on the paper, I feel better about my ability to get things done, and the things I have already done.

I figured out another frugal food trick. I went to the deli counter and got 4 slices of really good cheese. $1.49. Then the store bakery clearance rack $0.99 for a loaf of bread. And .79 for a small package of ham. Grilled sandwich for dinner. Two pieces of cheese and half the ham left. Those will be wrapped up in the eggs I picked up from a barter deal. Less than $3.00 for two really good meals, very nice.

By writing down how I've succeeded I've improved my outlook on this project. I am telling my story and it is empowering me.

P.S. When I was walking to my car I saw a metal emblem on the ground. I thought it said, "Hope" but it didn't. I thought

Hope is where you look for it, even if it's not exactly what you thought it would look like.

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