Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I had a few discussion today with people who read yesterdays post.

One was with a friend who told me how she has been paying off their bills while her husband spends exorbitant amounts on a hobby. How well I remember those feelings. When someone is supposed to be supporting you, working with you, to make things better and they aren't. I commend that friend for doing something I couldn't, succeeding. She has paid off much, and their lives are better for it. I hope he sees what she's done, and is grateful. If not, I hope she can take pride in the accomplishment of freeing herself from that burden.

Another was with a friend who is struggling with finances on her own. She is considering making the sacrifice to live in her truck. This is a trend that has been romanticized in news stories lately. We exchanged cheap food ideas. I was reminded of how good I really have it. She is surrounded by people who don't understand all that she is going through. She is putting down false supports in order to free herself from the hurts of the past. The emotional turmoil she faces will be fierce, but she is doing it anyway. She is an inspiration to me.

I made a choice to be alone. I made a choice to pay bills on credit cards. Now I have made a choice to live thrifty so I can be free of this burden. While I miss companionship, I don't miss having someone working against me. And I am no longer relying on false supports, like credit cards, to make my life good. I see them for what they really are. Most of all, I recognize that I have been working against myself. Now I am working for me. For my future.

And I have you. Together we are finding out that laying down a burden can be difficult, but when it is done there will be much rejoicing and we will dance.

Beans and rice are a complete protein. Cheap eats. $1 for bologna and $1 for a loaf of bread. Cheap eats. Tuna for $1.50 a can. Cheap eats. Knowing that I am making my life better. Priceless.

Time for bed. Going to get up early and catch the bus. One tank of gas in two weeks. Pretty good.

What would you give to be care free?
What would cost you in the end?
What are your burdens?
Are the foe or friend?

When your cares are pain
For one's for whom you care
The cost is a price
You can certainly bare

But when the cares
Come from a self made blunder
The cost is worth the work
To get out from under

So do the what you must
To set yourself free
Then together we'll make music
And dance ever so freely

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  1. I stopped debting in 1999. The next several years were difficult, and I was married to someone who didn't want to deal with the money problems. It was a long, hard slog, but I made it! I became debt-free and single in 2004. Before I married again, I had rebuilt my credit and savings. I was able to go into a new relationship with a sense of power, and I found someone who works with me. I know it's not easy, but you're doing an awesome thing!