Saturday, January 4, 2014


Bought myself a bag today. I didn't really need the bag. But I really liked it and decided that I would spend the $2 to get it.
Wait, $2? You had to think about $2?
Yes, I did. I thought about the commitment to extreme savings. The commitment to free my life of stuff (this would be bringing something into the house) and to be debt free (every dollar spent on stuff was not being applied to the debt).

Sometimes we have to let ourselves enjoy something. When we do this, three questions should come to mind. "Will this make my life better?"  "Will it add more than it subtracts?" and "Will I feel guilty?"
Take time, pause, breathe, walk away.
If you decide to make the purchase and it fills you with excitement, look at why that thing gives you that feeling. Identifying it will help you to learn other ways of controlling that feeling.

I like my bag. I could have left it on the shelf and be just as content as I am now. And I can shop green. Also, there was another bag that was $10 that I did leave in the store. I am very happy with the one I got.

Remember to enjoy life, but do it responsibly. I didn't charge anything and I didn't go over my budget.

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