Wednesday, January 15, 2014


The fog rolled in over night. As I watched it burn off I thought of the day, at a friends house, I saw the different shades in the fog. I saw the beauty in the fog. I saw the hope in the darkness.

I realized that I wasn't waiting for hope in my life. It was already there. All the good things I wanted I already had, right there, in that place. I couldn't see more than a few steps ahead. The only way to progress was to move slowly.

When I have tried to push through I have plowed into something or someone. Causing me to have to stop or, worse still, reverse. I'd patch the hole and troll on.

Today I stood out waiting for the bus, saving my precious gas ration, and thinking about the fog. How it blankets the earth and made it warm for me to be outside. Then, in the afternoon, waiting for the return bus the sun was shining.

That is what I think I'll feel like at the end of February. That warm sun shining down on me filled my body and mind with the sensation of peace.

Take heart. The fog is thick and dark. Look carefully for silver linings. Move slowly, with intention. When you break through, the warmth of peace is thrilling. I have hope that the sunshine is coming.

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