Wednesday, January 8, 2014

For better, For worse, For you

For better, for worse
That wedding promise
Given to someone else

Did you ever consider
Making that promise
To yourself

To stick with it
No matter come
What may

To stay the course
With diligence
Until success came your way

Perhaps there is wisdom
Whether you be
Married or not

To take the vows daily
With the trinity within
For the love that is sought

When you can peer
Into the looking glass
Seeing blessing not curse

Then you will know
Alone or with another
You are ready for better or worse.

      This has been a profitable day. My goal is to make $25 a day over my income. I am achieving this by selling possessions and hand made goods. Today I made $30. It doesn't sound like a lot, but it means I'm on track and I am that much closer to the goal.
      In a funny moment. I have unplugged every thing in my kitchen, to save electricity. I went to look at the time and realized the batteries in the clock had died. None of the electronics were available. I put battery for clock on my shopping list.

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