Saturday, January 11, 2014

Drip by Drip

If you put a bucket under a dripping faucet it will, eventually, fill the bucket.

That's how my life feels right now. Sometimes, even though I know that it is filling the need, the sound of it can become annoying. I just want to yell, "Someone turn that faucet on and fill the darned thing already!"

No one does. Throngs of people haven't stormed my house to toss bills at me or to read a telegraph from an old friend to forward me money, as they did for our old friend George.

People tell me they're impressed. They wish me luck. Their encouragement isn't cash, but each one is a drop in the bucket. It doesn't always feel like it's so much, but put together it helps me stay focused.


The little bit here and there are starting to add up as well. As the week comes to an end, I've made $85 in sales. I sell things I have and some friends have offered me things to sell. I'm careful to only take what I know I can sell. I don't want to bring things in that will only clutter my home, then I have to dispose of them. And I crochet items for sale. I skill that has served me well.


Now I am looking around my home to come up with things I can re-purpose into saleable items. This will serve three purposes. It will clean out my house, fill my time and it will make some money.

drip, drip

My treat of the day was going to the library. My favorite money saver of all time. The library is my source for books, seems obvious, movies and books on cd. I don't drive far to work, but books on cd are really nice when I have a project to work on that takes my visual focus.


 I opened my wallet, the first time all week, to get my library card out and found $8. I was tempted to go to the bakery and see if there were any day old cinnamon rolls with raisins in the bin. I went by, even parked. Then I reminded myself of the goal, pulled out and came home with the $8 still in my wallet.

drip, drip

Little bits. Choices. Making the commitment daily to save anything I can.

Filling my bucket one drip at time.

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