Sunday, January 19, 2014

Frugal doesn't have to be bland

Frugal breakfast: 2 eggs, bartered; 1 cheddar cheese pkg, .50; 2 slices of ham from the .79 pkg.; bread from the clearance rack .99 (so about .03 a piece); homemade jam, gift.

So I splurged and used a paper plate.

Yes, buying a bulk block of cheese is cheaper, if you cook with it a lot or are willing to take the time to freeze it in portions that works for you. I have done that, and likely will again. However, if you have limited space or limited funds, this is a sensible option.

Another omelet option is the single serving lunch packs. The ones with cheese, meat, crackers, and a snack. These often go on sale for .79. The crackers can either be instead of toast or packaged away for soup later. And who doesn't love having a bite size snack on hand?

Just wanted to share my frugal moment. Have a great day!

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