Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bad Days Happen

Today was not a good financial decision day. I made an impulse buy, based solely on an emotional response to a situation I couldn't control.

There, I admitted it.

Okay, so it was $16. But when I have been working so hard to save every dollar I can, it's a set back. Or it's an opportunity to look at why I made the choice I made. The irony is, I did it because it's something I enjoy doing. I bought a box of chocolates (yes, I spent $16 on a box of amazing chocolates from a local company) and walked around offering them to the people at work. I ate 2 pieces, gave the rest away. It makes people smile and feel good that they get to have a special treat. And it makes me feel good doing it.

That's what I was looking for. That feel good moment of a random act of kindness. It's not a bad idea. However, there were plenty of things I could have done that did not cost money.

And, unlike the other day, I regret spending the money. I don't regret making 14 people feel appreciated. I will be wiser next time. I do have to learn to walk away and look around.

It made me look at other places in my life where I spend my resources, not always money, without thinking about the bigger picture.

Not saying "no", when I know doing one more thing will be too much. Letting someone else make a choice for me without standing up for what I want. It is so much more than money.

Oh good. Another character trait to work on.

So, I spent money. I will have to work tomorrow to make it up. I made the choice and now I'll live with it.

Have to admit, it was darn good chocolate.

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