Sunday, January 5, 2014

Life came knocking

Just when I thought I could start to relax...ever feel that way?

That's how I felt today when the low pressure light came on in my car. A trip to the service department revealed a nail in my tire. To make it better, it is not in a place that can't be patched. So all my savings is going to buy a tire.

"I should just give up." "I'll never get a head." "Just my luck."

These are things I did not say. There was a "dawg gone it" moment. And there was apprehension as I waited to find out how much it would cost. But once I knew it was within my means, I could relax.

I am proud of myself for keeping perspective and not throwing it all in just because of this thing. While I am not ahead, I had the money I needed because I had been thrifty. It is a good feeling. Being able to cover what life brings me, that's the best feeling of all.

No matter what challenge you face today, put it in proper perspective. I could have said, "That's it, I'm buying what I want. What difference does it make." Instead I got home and posted items for sale to make up the cost.

This is a terrific feeling. Life happened, as it will, and I was prepared.

Life came knocking, and I invited it in and gave it bread.

Not gonna let this nail me down!

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