Sunday, January 19, 2014


So, the weekend is over. How'd I do on my $300 goal?

I made $30.

The people in life were more important than the goal, that's as it should be.

I know I did the right thing because I don't feel bad about it. That's the truest test.

It all comes back to relationships.

There was still plenty of conscientious spending and saving that contributed to the over all success. Buying meat that was 50% off because it would expire the next day. I froze it as soon as I got home.
Buying just what I needed for sandwiches. Discount bread. And bartered eggs.

While I did some work at home, I listened to the football game on the radio. Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks! I canceled television from my internet package long ago. I am always busy doing other things, so I choose to save that money for those things.

It all sounds like a lot of work. I suppose it is. But it's a lifestyle for me now and I'm comfortable with it. Yes, it does bother me that I have to do these things. I look forward to walking into a grocery store and buying without worrying about if I have the money. I also know that I will always watch the prices, check the bargain racks, and be careful about buying too much. These are not bad things.

It all comes back to choice.

Tonight I'm feeling excited. I know that when I hit "publish" it will only take three views to be over 1000. Thank you all for the constant support. It helps knowing that I'm not in this alone.

It all comes back to support.

I am trusting that I will make the money else where. One never knows where it may come from.
As I was soaking my tired muscles in a hot bath with homemade lavender and Epsom milk bath, using the Christmas gift of homemade Honey Lavender Scrub I thought, "This is good, this is very good."

There are times when we have to choose to work or exercise or not go out. If you trust your instincts, you'll know which is right.

I'm excited how I find to make up the $270 I didn't make this weekend. Stay tuned!

This weekend I chose to support relationships.

Thank you Lord for people
Who bring art into our lives
Thank you for the people
Who make the economy thrive

Thank you for the cashier
And for the delivery man
Thank you for the musician
And the one that picks up my trash can

Thank you for the friend
That made my treat with honey
Thank you for the friends
That are worth so much more than money


  1. By sharing your experience, you are going to help so many others. Great work!

    We never got cable or satellite when we moved to town two years ago. We can watch most shows online, and we're not into sports, so it was an unnecessary expense for us. I think more and more people are starting to understand this!

  2. I hope that I can help others realize the endurance they have to succeed at what ever their goals are.

    I have no objection to television, if that's where you want your entertainment to come from that's each persons choice. I would rather spend that money elsewhere. It's all about what works for each person/family. There isn't a right choice. Unless paying for television is preventing bills from getting paid.