Thursday, February 6, 2014


What are you willing to give up for piece of mind or to fill a dream?

I'm selling two things today that I didn't think I would. They aren't family heirlooms, just things I like. But they aren't being used. So I'm letting them go.

A friend put a treasured item up for sale. She has a chance to fulfill a dream and she knows her loved one would want her to do this. She found a place of knowing that letting go of the thing didn't mean forgetting the love.

It got me to thinking about sacrificing things, or ideas, on the alter of a greater life.

What ideas are holding us back? What needs to be willingly sacrificed?
It seems obvious that this would be an easy thing. But our hang ups are comfortable, even the bad ones. We like the way they feel because they are familiar.

I have fought off the idea of not being good enough.
I have fought off the idea of not being able.
Now I am fighting the idea that it's enough.
It's not enough to just pay a little at a time. I can have freedom, I am willing to make the sacrifice for it.

I found myself day dreaming about taking a trip in the spring. The money will be there for me to do that. A few months ago, I wouldn't even have considered it.

Sacrifice can be painful. The rewards are worth it.

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