Friday, February 7, 2014

Moments of fun

While hanging out on Facebook today a "Like, Comment, and Share" contest came up. So I played along. And I won! A free fish and chips from Keystone Café in Coupeville. That works out quite nicely. I am headed in that direction tomorrow, I'll enjoy my free meal on the way.

I don't always play along on those, but hey, there food's really good and the service is terrific.

What I don't play is anything that costs me money. Lotto, bingo, or casinos are not in the budget. Are they bad? No. As long are you only spend what you can afford to lose. If you are rolling pennies to get enough gas to get you to work, you can't afford to lose $1. If you enjoy the game for the sake of the game, go on ahead.

For me, it's about where I want my entertainment budget to go. The average player spends $5 a week. That's $20 a month. For that I could see a movie or a play or have a pretty good meal. Choices.

Choices. Life can be fun without spending money. If you decide that it's fun.

When my children were little, I would get coupons for fast food places. This was way before the dollar menu. We would go out and find cans, redeem them, take the cash and collect on the coupons, then go back to the parks where we had found the cans and have a picnic.

I was talking with my son about that years later, he has no memory of the cans. He remembers the shmorgishborg picnics and the fun at the park, but not the work to get it. Attitude. That's what made the difference.

Tonight I enjoyed a fine dinner. It was left overs with off casts. A piece of salmon that had been frozen from an earlier meal. Hummus made in a large batch and frozen in small servings. And home made tortilla chips, from unwanted tortillas, were flavored with a little bit of parmesan cheese that most people would have thrown out.

A terrific, money saving meal. Now I will watch a movie I already own, rather than rent another. And crochet for a commission I was asked to do.

All in all, not a bad night. 

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