Sunday, February 2, 2014


Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks!

It has been a day for legacy. I attended the placing of a memorial leaf today. A dear friend, my former boss passed away a few months ago. So on this, her birthday, we gathered to honor and remember this amazing woman.

As people told stories about her there was a realization of what we had lost. More than that was knowing what we had been given.

There were stories of plants and books and recipes. Greater than those were times of great encouragement and belief in each person. Her lack of anger, not that she didn't get up set but that she didn't get angry.

What am I leaving for a legacy?

Tonight the Seattle Seahawks handily won the Super Bowl. They leave a legacy of hard work and perseverance. Long after the rings tarnish and the money's gone, it is their will to win that will be remembered.

A gentleman at the party I was at said, "Do not play dirty. The Seahawks do not want to win but have an asterisk next to the game, referring to how they won dirty."

They played fair and they played clean, as did the Denver Broncos.

That is a legacy, win or lose, to be proud of.

I want a legacy to be proud of. Not one filled with debt. Not a house full of stuff that will mean nothing to anyone when I'm gone. Not a reputation for using people or playing dirty.

A legacy of love, supporting others, working hard to achieve my goals. This is a legacy I would be proud of.

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