Saturday, February 8, 2014

Joy in the mourning

No, I didn't misspell that.

I went to a gathering today to grieve, in a community way, the loss of some people who were special to me. Each in their own, very special, way.

As I looked around at the diverse group that had gathered there, I thought about how much love was represented. There wasn't discussion of worldly goods. Only of care and hope and joy.

Joy in having been so loved that we would take time to gather and remember.
Joy in the memories of good times.
Joy in knowing we loved them fully.

Things take time. Time that could well be spent building relationships. Relationships that will fill our hearts with joy.
When the time comes to mourn, we will have joy.
So much more precious than things.

If it doesn't bring life, light or joy into my life it is not coming into my home.
That is the measure of value.
People bring all three to me. Now I have a home that welcomes them.
Mourning comes. There is joy in it. Because of the relationships that I gave time to.

Let "it" go to hold the hand of one you love.

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