Sunday, February 23, 2014

One sure thing: Taxes

I have decided I need to go back to selling on a national sale sight. I am to the point that I am cleaning out my craft supplies and, I think, I can make more money there.

With that potential increase in income comes the responsibility of taxes. I don't know why this subject frightens me. What if I get it wrong? How do I do this? Should I hire someone? It becomes overwhelming and I fix that by not moving forward in business.

I've spent a little time with successful business owners; I've learned a few things.

1) Taxes are an expense of business. If you move to make money, you agree to share a portion of that with your country, state, and locality.

2) While they are an expense, they also pay for services that I can use to further my small business.

3) It is all learnable and doable by even a moderately intelligent person, such as myself.

What wrong attitudes are holding you back?

Time to let them go and move on to a better life!

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