Saturday, February 1, 2014

At time to sell and a time to give away

There is a time under heaven for everything.

I have been selling online for a couple of years. This process has been tedious and, sometimes, annoying. It has also, however, been fruitful and full filling. There have been times when I have been all in to it, and times when I have sat and cried because I'm so sick of it.

It has served a great purpose. I haven't made a lot of money at it, but it has provided enough to get me by. And I've made terrific friends.

As the truly unnecessary is clearing away, I am finding more time to enjoy my old crafting hobbies. Finishing projects if very satisfying. It also serves to continue to clean out the house.

The one room that is really getting me is the office. What is it about this space that is so daunting? I have a vision for the room. I have the primary pieces to complete it. When I go to work in that room I feel nothing but drudgery. Perhaps it's all that paper. Or perhaps what it represents. What ever it is, it's time has come. This week I am committed to making the office an organized, workable, enjoyable space. It looked so nice just a few months ago, then I gave away a piece of furniture and it hasn't been nice since then. Step one, post a before picture here so there is incentive to succeed.

Organization is important to keeping a budget. Miss place a bill, add late fees. Get a gift card, it expires before you can find it again. Age old story.

The first month of this great freedom trip is finished. I've had a few down days. Spent a little more than I planned, but not nearly what I was spending. February gets a little busier. There are a few things I want to do that take money. So, as much as I'm ready to pack things off to the thrift, back to work on the sales boards I go. That doesn't mean I'm off the hook for the office.
So here's the before:

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