Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Nope, You Can't

I can't...because...

I can't exercise because I can't afford a gym. I have to have that motivation.
I can't eat better because the good foods are expensive.
I can't save money because things just cost too much these days.
I can't stop ______ because of the stress in my life.
I can't...because...

I went for a wonderful walk around my little town yesterday. It was a little more than a mile. Felt really good to get out in the fresh air. Total cost $0

I had a salad with a piece of grilled check for dinner. $5ish. Hint: when cooking for one or two, buy a side salad at a local restaurant and take it home to add your own protein. If you eat salad every day, buy the fixings from the grocery store and make it yourself. But if you don't eat salad every day, this is a cost effective way to get a salad and not end up throwing away food gone bad. So, salad and add my own grilled chicken.

Things do cost a lot. How many of those things are worth your piece of mind?

I can't stop...having hobbies, good or bad ones, is a choice. There are free alternatives to hobbies or habits that are our stress trash bin. Like, for instance, the afore mentioned walk.

You can't, because you make another choice. If you want to do something but find an obstacle, do the research to find out how others worked around that obstacle.

You can. How will you?

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