Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Nine Days

Nine days, that's how long it is to my next payday. I made a large payment to the debt this pay period. There isn't any play money, unless I find a way to earn it.

It would be easy to slip into woe is me syndrome. Then I remember that, while I got myself into this mess, I am getting out of it now. I have paid off over half my credit card debt. Now I am developing better money habits to not get back to this place.

Someone asked me if I was following a program. No, it's kinda like dieting, I've done it enough over the years to have a pretty good idea what works for me. 

Apparently there is a new financial guru that people are following. The main idea is to get your money in cash and put it in envelopes for each thing, and to only use cash. I have lived that way. It is very effective. It does not really flow with how I live now. Automatic withdrawal and online bill pay are also effective tools.

So which is right? Yes. They are all right, for someone. You have to find what works for you and commit to it. I have a combination approach. I use electronic sources for the bills and I use cash for the day to day expenses. So I can keep very good track of what is in the bank account by not putting a bunch of $5 charges on my card. It also makes me aware of who I turn my money over to.


It comes to that one concept. Awareness of who you are. What you are comfortable with. Where your resources are being spent. When you are at a profit or a loss. Why you aren't comfortable. How you plan on getting to a place of comfort.

Half way there, I can do this.

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