Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Creative fun

In the line of whose life is worse then whose, my life fairs pretty well. I've had life's ups and downs. For a while I wondered how I would make it through. I forged on and, with a lot of help, I'm coming out on the other side with only minimum damage.

I have to admit, there were times when I was less than likable. While it would be nice to think that I was always up beat and smiling, it just isn't so. I'm thankful for the people that stuck with me through the hardest times. There have been plenty of apologies on my part.

One of the biggest blessings my upbringing gave me is the ability to do fun things on the cheap. While I am living it up, I'm doing so without spending a lot.

If my favorite music group is playing at a local restaurant, I will go and have coffee and a salad. If the place is packed, I let the host know that I would welcome company at my table. This always turns out well, because unfun people don't agree to that arrangement. And I don't take sales away from the establishment.

I wait for movies to come out on dvd, which happens a lot faster now.
Borrow books and movies from the library.
Enjoying local parks for walks and picnics.
Going to preview night at local theater.

All add up to being able to enjoy the things in life I want to enjoy.

Tonight I wanted ice cream. I have the money, but I really didn't want to go out. So I pulled some bananas out of the freezer and blended them up with chocolate powder and water. Yummy frappe. No extra money spent.

It hasn't always been easy to see life as good. It got mighty dark for a while. Hope for better days kept me going. It's getting better.

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