Monday, March 10, 2014

Encounter the Art of Conversation

Sometimes I think moving would be easier than cleaning out. There is so much to do. Every accomplishment seems to be followed by another point of disarray.

Discouragement is a black cloud that moves in fast, then stops. Make life dark and cold and uninspired. How do I keep going? What is the motivator that gets the breeze going to move that cloud along?

It is a clearly defined goal. Just like a business, you have to have a mission statement to focus on. "I want a clean house" is too vague. What do you want to do with your home?

Mine home mission statement is: "To have a comfortable, inviting space to welcome friends and encounter art."
Art for me is the art of conversation, book readings, house concerts, perhaps even a small exhibit.
But that's not where I started. When I began this mission the goal was to be able to walk through a room without having to step over something. The mission is ever changing.

I am excited this week. I am going to call a local charity to pick up a bunch of stuff. I'm boxing it all up now. Letting go of not only the item, but the idea of selling the stuff. I am, finally, able to let things go without having to make money for bills. It is an amazing feeling.

More than two years this has been my life. Now life is changing. Even positive change can be difficult. But I'll get through this too. I have built a firm foundation, I'm ready to build a new home for myself, even if it is in the same house.

Today, clean out 10 things. Throw away, recycle, give away, sell 10 things. Then, tomorrow, do it again. It's amazing what will happen.

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