Sunday, March 2, 2014

A day of rest

The thing about meeting amazing people who are doing amazing things with other amazing people, is that it leaves you wondering if you can be amazing enough to be invited in.

The temptation in moments like this is to spend money on something extravagant, that makes you feel amazing. With several credit card applications sitting in the recycle bin, it would be oh so easy to do.

I am not the kind of person who can, easily, say "I am amazing."

So, what does one do when one doesn't feel amazing and has no money to buy artificial amazing?

What I do is abandon amazing and shoot for acceptable to society. Really, lower your expectations for a while. Not forever, just for a while. Give yourself a break.

I should have spent this day working the sale pages. There are bills to be paid. Instead I schlepped around Facebook, read poetry, wrote poetry, and called my Dad. Do I feel better. No. But I didn't do something financially stupid, that makes me feel good.

Tomorrow I'll be ready to go again. Sometimes you have to stop and smell the fabric softener on the pillowcase.

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