Sunday, November 10, 2013

The sun may not be shining, but a new day is dawning

   I got up before dawn today. I made the choice to not roll over and go back to sleep. Having gathered a cup of coffee, a pastry and a note pad; I waited for the sunrise. Sure that it would be magnificent, I was ready to be inspired. But the sun didn't rise. Well, of course it rose, but it couldn't be seen. Lightness evolved, but there was no dramatic sunrise.
   How often life is like that. We sit, posed and ready for greatness; instead we get quiet light. We are left to wonder, "what do I do with that?" Or to think, "Well, I guess I'll just sit here and wait for greatness."
   What I realized was that the day dawned. Quietly and dimly, but a new day came. There was light and there was inspiration. When I chose to change my focus, there were birds in the tree and fowl in the water. Each one, according to it's kind, starting their day to do the work given to them.
  And so did I. I didn't wait for a dramatic, sunrise moment of hallelujahs to move forward. In the stillness of this ascending light, I got to work. Doing things that were difficult for me and finding rays of sunshine in them.
   The light to work from is there within each of us. Change your focus to see yours.

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