Saturday, September 14, 2013

Damn, there are signs.

     I'm going along, living a pleasant life, when BAM an idea enters my head. It's a good idea, but it would interfere with my pleasant life. So I question it's validity as a good idea. After all, who would give up a pleasant life for something that might be uncomfortable? That can't be a good idea.
     Then; damn; it happens, there are signs. Something goes and shows me that it is, in fact, a good idea. My life just got less than pleasant.
     Now I know that when the idea is fully formed and functioning my life is going to be, at very least, more pleasant. But in the interim there are going to be tired muscles and a strained brain, like I need to strain my poor brain.
     But the signs are there. So I progress. There are times when the validity of this idea are questioned. Then there are signs. I'm glad for the signs now, sort of. Cause, let's face it, I could back to my pleasant life if the signs went away.
    Then one day I roll up to a sign that reads "STOP". I am upset because I have put so much effort into the idea. But no matter how much I rev the engine, stop I must.
    I remember now what "STOP" means: Come to a full stop, yield the right-of-way to vehicles and pedestrians in or approaching the intersection. Go when it is safe.
   Not turn off your car you're done. Go when it's safe.
   Slow, easy turn onto an empty road or gunning it between heavy traffic, GO!
   What idea did you abandon in the middle of the road?
   Grab the keys darling. It's going to ride rough for a while. But when it's fine tuned it's going to be a beauty.

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