Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Super Heros only live forever in comic books.

    It was inevitable. The time had to come. That moment of lost innocence, when a generation realizes that they aren't going to live forever. They may have experienced loss before now. Someone older or a pet, but this is different. Someone their age dies and they face mortality. The realization that the super hero persona they have been exhibiting is a farce, a story, an escape.
    Escape is what some will look for. Don't get close to anyone, you don't have to hurt. Pretend it didn't happen, don't hurt. That isn't an escape, simply a well disguised pretense that will send you to hours of therapy later.
   Some will be thrown back into the daily grind of life, scratching out an existence and hoping for time to feel.
   Others will recognize that it's pain and it will pass, will grieve. Doing so is healthy, but remember to stop grieving and move on to a new appreciation for happy.
   It is part of the shaping of adults. A part that the generation before them had hoped would wait a while longer. But it is here. Innocence is lost. That which you knew you knew, but now you know, will never leave you.
   Pain is energy. Make the choice to turn that energy to positive motion. Grieve, miss, regret, learn, smile, honor, love. Know that you're not alone. The generation before you went through it too. That's why we love you so much.

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