Thursday, July 17, 2014

Navigating the fog of life

    A friend was telling me about the fog around her home the last few days. A couple of days ago all around her house was socked in, but she went just a few feet up the road and it was clear. The next day, she watched the fog approach, then suddenly retreat.
     How like fog life can be. Some days you wake up expecting sunshine, and you're surprised by being socked in. Other days you see the fog approaching, and are relieved it stops before it reaches you. Then there are the days you wake up to the fog, push to get moving and ride out of it to discover a sunny day. And there are days the fog stays put all day, leaving everything gray and wet from dew.
     Fact is, fog is going to happen. Like the weather, there's often nothing we can do to control it. What we can control is how we handle those days. Some days throwing the blankets over our head and pretending it's a sunny day is a great option. Most days we have to forge on, in spite of the fog. Turn the headlights on, drive slower, and hope we drive out of it.
     And those times when the fog stays, we can find solace in time to enjoy a book, the company of friends and loved ones, or a good nap. While knowing the dew that comes from it is watering the earth and adding to the beauty of life around us.
     If you can't find your way to being content with the fog, do those around you a favor, blow a fog horn to warn others of the danger they're approaching. We're all just making our way through the fogs of life, no need causing another to crash into the rocks.
    And when you hear the warnings of others, remember to heed them. It's not your job to move the rocks, just to keep your wreck from cluttering the beaches. Steering clear is not a bad thing.
   We all have to work with the conditions of life we're given. Sometimes they will control what we do, where we go, or how fast it gets done. But through it we can know that it's only for a time, sunny days will come; that is where there's hope in the darkness.

Peace, Love, and Sourdough Bread for Everyone (Ha, got ya. I've been baking this week.)

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