Wednesday, June 25, 2014

It's Just Not The Same

Have you ever watched a movie that was based on a book and been disappointed that it was not the same? The book was good. The movie was good. Just the movie was too different from the original story, so you were disappointed.

That's how I'm feeling about life today. This is not the way I wrote it. It's not bad, some parts are really good. It's just not what I thought it would be like right now. I am finding it difficult to think about the future in concrete ways, because I know the reality is nothing like concrete. More like asphalt on a hot day.


It is a strange sensation
Walking on asphalt
In sweltering heat
Watching your shoe sink
Into solid
Or what is supposed to be
Solid ground

It's funny to see
Then you wonder
What happens if my shoe sticks

Panic sets in
You quickly search for
A place to escape
Continuing on is
A terrible risk
Knowing that leaving a shoe
Means horrible pain

Finding a place to land
Leap to safety
Look back at the print
Left by your shoes

It's easy to laugh
When you feel safe again
But the prints remind you
Of the trouble you walked into
And the need to be wiser
On the journey ahead

The grass may not be green
On this path
But it's won't burn you


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