Monday, August 18, 2014

Plant your path with careful choices

Life is not a lot thrown for you or a hand dealt to you. Life is a path forged by you.
     If you choose to let the weeds grow, then your life will be full of creeping vines that make progress difficult and tear away at the fiber of your life. Ivy growing up old, brick buildings looks beautiful, but in reality the roots are boring into the brick. One day the brick dissolves to a crumbled mess.
     If you choose to see only weeds, your life is full of desolation that leaves only stems and stumps that entangle you and make you fall. Your life becomes so full of hurt that there's no way to move.
    If you choose to look at each step, using only the tools needed, your life path will clear away. Sometimes you need a machete, other times you only need to gently push the vine away. Wisdom and knowledge of where you want your path to take you will train you to be the master gardener of your path.
    Only when you choose to see your path as more than eradicating weeds and choose to plant the seeds that will grow the things that will bring nourishment and beauty to your life will your path be a peaceful place you seek.

Peace, Love and Peanut Butter cookies for everyone!

I trudged through life's path
Machete in hand
Cutting down everything
That seemed to stand
In the way of my garden path

I was left with bloody stumps
And invasive weeds took root
Tearing me apart
Until I crumbled to pieces
My strength destroyed by the weeds

I began again
Herbicide in hand
Destroying the root of everything
That seemed to stand
In the way of my garden path

I was left with desolate ground
And vast empty land
Leaving me parched
Until I became disoriented
A dehydrated mass of soulless bones

I began again
Pruning shears in hand
Carefully cutting back anything
That seemed to stand
In the way of my garden path

I was left with neatly manicured weeds
Growing bitterness
Leaving me lonely and sad
Until I became harsh
Seeing only trouble for my toil

I began again
Spade and seeds in hand
Removing the things that blocked the sun
Planting the things the added life
Creating my garden path

I sit, surrounded by the goodness of it
Strong from a good work
Nourished by the fruit of labor
Softened by the fragrance of flora
A place for my body and soul to rejuvenate

My path is not without obstacles
Rather it is easier cleared
With the knowledge that comes
From choosing, each day
To begin again

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