Sunday, October 7, 2012

Over every mountain there is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley.
Theodore Roethke
    Every day I look out to see mountains. Our little island is surrounded by them. No matter what the season, they are beautiful. Back lit by the sunrise; snow covered peaks; or majestically towering through the clouds, they are always beautiful.

    I love to drive up the mountains. The plush variation of greens; the flowing spring that creates a miniature waterfall, and cutting through the clouds as they drift around me fills the soul. Reaching the top, seeing clearly where I’ve come from and where I may go next is exhilarating.

    Yet there are toils and risks at every turn. Falling rocks, unexpected black ice, animals that leap into the path, the risk of a closed pass, or fire all have to be considered.

    Right now a good amount of Washington’s mountains are on fire. The only hope of them being extinguished is snow. So while we enjoy an unseasonably warm October others pray for snow to save their homes.

    How like life this mountain adventure is. Breath taking joys and clear paths mixed with seen and unseen dangers.  There is a risk of getting to the top and having so much cloud that I can’t see below. In that moment I can bask in the glory of rising above the clouds. The next move must be slower, more calculated, fear is not a bad emotion in this moment. Fear reminds me to move so I don’t freeze but to move with caution. A more positive name might be a heightened awareness of my situation. Call it what you may, the base is fear. It is not meant to be debilitating, it is meant to keep me from harm. Energy lives in fear, if I choose to tap into its source.

    So I take a deep breath of the clear fresh air and start my descent to the valley (or in my case the island) that awaits me. Going down a mountain is no less beautiful or dangerous as going up it. Yet peace and rest comes in the valley.  Am I scared, of course I am. There will be laughter, screams; sighs, gasps; tears of joy and sadness.

    While one person is basking on the mountain top, one is resting in the valley, and one is fighting for life itself. I pray for you, what I hope you pray for me, that we never get so tired or blinded by the storm; never so encased by the victories of the mountain top; that we forget that we are not here alone.

Peace in your valley. Strength in you ascent. Joy in your mountain top. Care in your descent. Love on your path. <3

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