Monday, January 26, 2015

Look up and find your peace

I got up early on my day off, in hopes of seeing the sunrise. As the day broke it became obvious that there would be no glorious sunrise, instead a blanket of fog hung just at the tree top line.

With a sigh of acceptance, mixed with a smirk of disappointment, I considered going back to bed. Nothing inspiring happening outside, and coffee brewing, I decided to open my computer. As I scrolled around, something caught my eye outside. I looked up in time to watch an eagle gliding over the choppy water, likely looking for breakfast. Then I saw it, the inspiration I had thought would come in the form of a glorious sunrise.

The choppy water.

Early this week I was talking to someone about the fact that knowing that someone else has it worse than you does not diminish the importance of the problems you have. Every one has choppy water, some are minor swells, others are major storms; but everybody has them.

The thing about churning water is that eventually the tide will turn and there will be treasure on the shore. Some of what the churning brings will be trash. As we walk with our heads down, contemplating the churning of life, we need to keep a sharp eye for the good that's come of the storm. If we take time to walk slowly through it there will be beautiful shells and bright sea glass that add beauty and color to our lives.

Today's beauty and inspiration is not in the glorious, breathtaking color of a sunrise. Today it's the quiet gray mist, floating just above the trees and the light breeze churning up the gray/blue waters.

In it I find peace and inspiration, because I looked up. Look up and find your peace.  

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