Saturday, November 1, 2014

See the Beauty Through the Regret

     Yesterday it rained most of the day. Then, right about 5 o'clock, it stopped and the clouds moved out just in time for sunset to begin. As the sun shone on the water, I searched the sky for a rainbow. I never saw one. What I did see was a magnificent sunset that turned gray clouds to pink. The earth glimmered as the rain drops became mirrors to reflect the light. And the water turned shades of deep blue, growing softer as it rolled to shore. It was exquisite.
     I was glad that I didn't stop watching just because there wasn't a rainbow.

     How often in life do I give up because I don't get a rainbow? What beauty do I miss?

     I live with regret that I didn't go home in time to see my Dad before he died. Now I see that that's not my rainbow. My sisters get that rainbow.

      What I have is memories of long phone conversations we had all most every Sunday for the last few years. Those were magnificent.

     What magnificent beauty are we missing out on because we don't see the rainbow? Or because we live with this foolish notion that we should have no regrets. Regrets remind us to do better next time. We shouldn't be ruled by them, instead we should learn from them.

     I will always wish I had, but now the tears that covered my life are reflecting the light of a magnificent beauty around me. The gray clouds are turning pink with the light of family and friends shining around me. And the water is turning softer, as it gently rolls in to remind me that time moves on.

     What regret are you hiding in a closet because someone told you it doesn't help you in any way? Or because you rather like having a dark cloud to throw around? Take it out and say it out loud, "I wish I had/hadn't...." Then look at all you learned from that choice and how your life is better for it. You can't change what happened, you can change the influence it has on your mindset. Choose to find the beauty that you have because of, or in spite of, the regretful moment.

    Rainbows are a gift, they aren't meant to be chased. The beauty of life is all around us. If we use our tears as mirrors of light, instead of refraction of regret.



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