Thursday, April 3, 2014

I didn't realize how long it's been since I made an entry.

I wasn't going to do a poem a day for National Poetry Month, but I'm jumping on the band wagon.

So I'll do three today to catch up.

#1 Band Wagon

Jump on a band wagon
Do what others are doing
Hope your dreams come true

#2 Fruity Friends

The apple trees remind me of my friendships

New friendships budding with tiny leaves, into

Fragile flowers blooming into full fragrance

Some stand the test of wind and rain and drought

Others fall away to become rich compost

Flowers become fruit, clustered by leaves

Fruit withstands further battering.

Disease and worms and birds peck away

Until the apple becomes ripe and must be picked

or will go to rot, which also becomes compost.

The longest lasting friendships are not the apples

Ever present, withstanding the worst of the storms,

Providing contrast of color

No, the strongest friendships are not the apples

They are the leaves.

#3 First Kiss

That moment when

Conversation stops

Two smile nervously

Swallow, breathe

Tilt head so noses

Stay out of the way

Warm electric shiver

Contact made

Relief or Disappointment

It's done or begun

In that moment

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